Monday, July 16, 2012

Should You Fear the Florida Scorpion?

Ever been burned by a Scorpio lover? This zodiac sign is said to have the sting of a scorpion if you wrong them in a relationship. This age old proverb grew its roots with the behavior and reputation of the scorpion.

Florida scorpions are flattened crablike creatures that have ten legs and an enlarged upturned tail that bears a stinger. They are usually reddish brown in appearance. They very capable of stinging, but usually only sting when provoked or disturbed. The venom contained in the stinger is a neurotoxin, but the dose injected is usually an insufficient amount to prove fatal. However, just like a good relationship gone sour, the area stung can cause severe pain. Other symptoms can include muscle twitching, numbness and difficulty breathing. Children often have the most severe reactions and complications if stung.

Florida scorpions typically live outdoors and range in size between one and four inches in length and usually live between three and five years. Scorpions are very nocturnal and prefer to hide under boards or similar debris to provide shelter. They are also found under homes, in the attic, in bedsheets and in boots or shoes. They love to take cover in hidden places. Another interesting fact about this feared pest is that the females are often cannibalistic and will eat their own young. Yikes!

Since the main source of food for scorpions is other insects, especially spiders, it is wise to keep your house clean of pests and rodents. They are more likely to live in a home that already has a pest problem. If you see one insect..chances are there are more hiding and breeding.

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