Friday, May 18, 2012

Grain Weevils Free Loafing in Florida Pantries

Are you seeing weevils wobble through your rice, pasta or grain? Grain weevils are known as the connoisseurs of Italian, Cuban and Chinese cuisine. If you store boxes of grains in your pantry you could be at risk for these pesky carb lovers. And nobody wants weevils laying eggs in their food.

Weevils are serious grain pests that are very distinguished from other beetles by a slender elongated snout. These pantry pests are typically about an eighth-inch long and are dark brown or black in color. They also have multiple punctures on the top side of the thorax (chest) and nonfunctional wings. The grain weevil is closely related to the rice weevil but can be separated by their slightly smaller size and they fly poorly. Grain weevils bore holes into grain kernels to deposit their eggs.

Grain weevils have adapted to living entirely in stored grains and rarely forage elsewhere. Females are capable of living up to eight months when food is abundant and can lay approximately 200 – 300 eggs during this time. At Tampa Bay Pest Management we can rid your house of these nasty free loafers.  If you notice any type of bug in or around your pantry please call us for a free estimate at 813-416-3692. Remember, weevils wobble but the WILL fall down with Tampa Bay Pest Management.

Unlike many other large corporate pest services, we guarantee our service and are locally owned and operated in the Tampa Bay surrounding area. We are a home grown company that specializes in knowing the behaviors and habits of Florida pests.

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